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Alzheimers Society of Kenora/Rainy River Districts

Founded in 1991, The Alzheimer Society of Kenora/Rainy River Districts is a charitable organization dedicated to helping people affected by Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias and their families. The Society provides support, educational programs and information to people with the disease, as well as to their families, the public and to community organizations. Today, we have more than 1,000 people living with some form of dementia in our communities – the Kenora and Rainy River Districts, and the demand for services is steadily growing. The Alzheimer Society of Kenora/Rainy River Districts is a non-profit organization and is only funded 45% by the Ontario Government and the remaining 55% must come from our communities through fundraising activities and donor support that allows us to provide free on-going services. Thank you for your support by volunteering, making an donation and providing support.
P.O. Box 837, Kenora, ON P9N 4B5

City of Kenora Public Library

The City of Kenora Public Libraries are here to serve the residents of Kenora. Residents are provided two libraries: the Kenora Branch, located at 24 Main Street South, and the Keewatin Branch, on the corner of Ottawa Street and Main Street. Your Kenora Public Library card can be used at both branches. Staff members are always available to assist you in your search for library material. The collections, consisting of more than 67,000 books, magazines, as well as audio and video tapes, can be viewed online or at the libraries. Other services include interlibrary loan of materials to and from other libraries, access to a fax machine and word processing software, along with a variety of special programs for children and adults. Both branches also provide Internet access to patrons as part of the Community Access Program of Industry Canada, and with access provided by the City of Kenora.
24 Main Street South, Kenora, ON P9N 1S7

Kenora & Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation

A Community Foundation is an independent, volunteer driven, charitable organization that helps facilitate community philanthropy, by working with both donors and local charities and providing leadership on issues of community concern. We hold collection of charitable funds established by people from all walks of life who have one thing in common – the desire to make a difference in their community… forever. Community Foundations are organizations that invest for the future. Donations to endowment funds are pooled together and invested. The income from these investments is then used to make grants to support local registered charities, while the capital remains untouched. Donations made today will generate gifts in perpetuity. Community Foundation’s are amongst the fastest growing forms of philanthropy in Canada today and they all share three special features: 1. Endowment Building 2. Local grantmaking expertise 3. Community Leadership We are one of 191 Community Foundations across Canada with combined assets of over $3.35 billion. Together we have granted over $169 million to thousands of charities across the nation.
P.O. Box 441, Kenora, ON P9N 3X4

Kenora Association for Community Living

The Kenora Association for Community Living has been providing necessary services to Kenora for over fifty years. Founded in 1961, the association works diligently toward making Kenora a healthy community. The KACL employs over 200 people, making it one of Kenora’s larger employers. Our values stem from our Mission Statement and from our Service Delivery Principles and they are the foundation on which the association is built. Action research drives us to explore new approaches to providing services and to continue advocating for social equity. We offer services to children, to adults with developmental disabilities and to adults with mental health needs. The KACL hosts community events and fundraising initiatives. We enjoy partnerships with other local organizations, we participate in community gardening, we contribute to locally-based research, and we have taken part in Kenora’s Matiowski Farmers’ Market since 2009. The KACL provides opportunities to explore artistic expression, by facilitating local arts projects, while advocating for overall healthy lifestyle choices, including fitness and nutrition. People associated with the KACL actively participate in the community by volunteering their time, by sitting on boards and committees, by coaching and managing sports teams, and by enjoying the beautiful Lake of the Woods area. To…
501 8th Ave S, Kenora, ON P9N 3Z9

Kenora Construction Association

The Kenora Construction Association is the regional voice for the construction sector of the City of Kenora area economy. It is a service organization as well as a policy making body. The KCA represents and serves general contractors, businesses and individuals interested in the well-being of the construction industry. The KCA stands for:  Quality Workmanship  Fairness in dealing with customers  Reliable, dependable service when customers call  Compliance with national, provincial and municipal building codes  Supporting the city economy
P.O. Box 1710, 101 Park Street, Kenora, ON P9N 3X7

Kenora Hospitality Alliance

The Kenora Hospitality Alliance ( KHA ) is a group of local accommodation providers. We provide funding to promote events and tourism in Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corp.

Whether you’re looking to open a business or expand an industry, the Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corporation is here for you! As a Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC), LOWBIC offers a wide variety of programs and services to support community economic development and small business growth, including: • strategic community planning and socio-economic development • support for community-based projects • business information and planning services • access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses and social enterprises Within its catchment area, LOWBIC strives to strengthen and diversify the local and regional economies. As a community-based, not-for-profit organization, LOWBIC is run by a board of local volunteers. The staff is composed of professionals who encourage entrepreneurship and the pursuit of economic opportunities.
2nd Floor Bannister Centre, 301 First Avenue South, Kenora, ON P9N 1W2

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation

The Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation was established in 1992 and is governed by an eleven member board and has two employees. Within the board are Finance, Executive, Governance and Publicity committees which meet monthly, in addition to our monthly board meetings. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised over $15 million for the Lake of the Woods District Hospital (LWDH). LWDH was constructed in 1929 and has received many additions and renovations over the years. LWDH currently houses over 500 staff in addition to the services from 32 doctors and 18 specialists. It serves a population of 25,000 for primary care and 90,000 for secondary specialist care. During the summer months, these numbers increase to 70,000 for primary care, and 150,000 for secondary care. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides on average, 80% of our hospital’s operating costs. This limited funding for healthcare equipment increases the financial pressure for our hospital; this funding does not cover capital expenses. The funds raised by LWDHF allow our hospital to maintain the high level of quality healthcare that their patients expect and appreciate. By working together with our generous community and our hospital, we can continue…
21 Sylvan Street West, Kenora, ON P9N 3W7

LEAP Kenora

Lake of the Woods Employment Action Project has provided employment support to members of the community to ensure individuals accessing employment services are achieveing their employment goals since 1984. Whether individuals need help identifying a career path, learning how to search for a job, create a resume and cover letter, or need help prepping for a job interview, LEAP's is the go-to employment service centre. LEAP serves both local employees and employers to source information pertinent to their needs.

Northern Ontario Angels

The Northern Ontario Angels (NOA) is the #1 Angel Organization in North America for Northern Ontario entrepreneurs looking for growth capital and angel investors looking for investments. NOA was created as a not-for-profit corporation in 2005 as a catalyst to establish angel investment groups and create a gateway to facilitate connections between entrepreneurs and investors. Our goal is to stimulate investment capital into Northern Ontario companies to help them grow and succeed. This is accomplished by improving the flow of investment capital, investment education, and management expertise into high-growth potential Northern companies. NOA is continually growing, developing, and updating its Angel Investment Groups throughout the North and around the World. Ron Malashewski, President, Cliff Lake Entrepreneur Advisors (also a KDCC Member) is the local consultant for NOA in Kenora and can be reached using one of the contact methods below.

Northwestern Health Unit

The Northwestern Health Unit is the most westerly of Ontario’s 36 public health units, serving the Kenora (part) and Rainy River districts. The catchment area of the Northwestern Health Unit stretches across 171,288 square kilometers or approximately one-fifth of the Province of Ontario. It includes 19 municipalities, 39 First Nation communities and two unincorporated or “unorganized” territories (Kenora Unorganized and Rainy River Unorganized). The population of 82,231 is widely scattered across the region with a population density of approximately 0.5 people per square kilometer, compared with the provincial average of 14.1 people per square kilometer. The Northwestern Health Unit maintains offices in 13 municipalities to provide services across the region. Sources of information about the health unit area and demographics include: Statistics Canada and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Intellihealth database.
210 First Street North, Kenora, ON P9N 2K4

Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre

We know Northwestern Ontario is a place full of intelligent people, where new and innovative ideas are thought up everyday. Our goal is to help the innovative companies of Northwestern Ontario to start, grow, and succeed. We act as a support system for innovation and strongly believe in collaboration and helping. Let us get rid of the fear of trying something new or taking advantage of an exciting opportunity. Whether you need connections, funding, resources, business expertise, training, or something completely different, come talk to us. We're here to help you get past whatever it is that's keeping your business from getting to where you want it to be.
2400 Nipigon Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 4W1