KDCC Sponsorship Form

The Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce (“KDCC”), first known as the Board of Trade was established in 1888.

The KDCC Vision is to be the leading business organization in Kenora and District, adding value to our membership by providing support and encouragement, recognizing the business community’s role as the driving force in the local and regional economy, while its Mission is to promote and advocate for a thriving business climate to ensure the growth and prosperity of our members.

General Guidelines
Requests for sponsorships must be submitted using the KDCC Sponsorship Request Forms below.

Preference is given to projects and events related to the following:

  • Economic growth and development
  • Networking event to benefit the business community.
  • Job training and employment fairs
  • Youth Education – High School Bursaries
  • City Events (Open Air Markets, Family Events)

The requestor does not have to be affiliated with the KDCC; However, Chamber members will be given priority if all criteria is met equally among requestors. Sponsorships will vary and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

● Individuals, including persons who are seeking financial support for their individual participation in a fundraising effort or event.
● Individuals requesting funds for their private use – regardless of the intent of need.
● Political causes or candidates
● Private athletic teams and athletic fundraising events not associated with area schools, municipalities, or civic organizations.
● Programs outside the Kenora area


Sponsorships typically represent requests for funding of community events that provide benefits to:

  1. KDCC Members
  2. The Business Community
  3. Our local Kenora area community

The sponsorship may require the following:
1. Display and promotion of the Chamber’s brand and logo.
2. Verbal, written and/or visual acknowledgement at events, functions, etc.
3. Acknowledgement during advertising, posters, social media, etc.


Guidelines for Acceptable Sponsorships:

The KDCC priority in providing sponsorships is to nonprofit groups and/or other business that share our community and our objectives. Requests for sponsorships will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  1. The sponsorship supports KDCC’s Mission and vision statements.
    2. The sponsorship meets KDCC Sponsorship Guidelines and Approval Process.
    3. The sponsorship meets current funding capabilities.
    4. The sponsorship provides for broad community impact.


How to Apply:
Formal requests for sponsorships should be made by completing the Community Sponsorship Request Forms below. Please submit the form at least six weeks before your event.

Please complete the form below to be considered for a sponsorship, or paid advertisement by KDCC