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Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services

Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services is a full range licensed immigration consulting practice that provides expert advice and representation to clients in Canada and worldwide. Jacques Therrien is the business owner and founder of Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services and is an experienced subject matter expert in immigration, citizenship and multiculturalism with over 21 years of experience.  He is a member of the College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants of Canada (CICC)  and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants Jacques  has also worked for the Department of Citizenship and Immigration with over 13 years experience as a Regional Program Advisor for the Prairies & Northern Territories Region, Program Specialist and Manager at Case Processing Centre (CPCV) in Vegreville, Alberta.  Jacques has also worked as a Canadian Visa Officer in Asia, the Caribbean and Middle East.  
167 Lombard Ave suite 500, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0V3