2024 Home Show Vendors Contract, Terms and Conditions


  1. ADVERTISING – The Home & Leisure Show Committee will conduct a substantial advertising campaign prior to the Show, radio ads and extensive social media
  2. AMENDMENTS – The Home & Leisure Show Committee shall have the full power to interpret these rules. Whenever these rules do not cover, the Show Committee reserves the right to make such rulings as may appear to be in the best interest of the Show, and the Exhibitor agrees to accept and abide by such
  3. AUDIO AND VISUAL – The operation of microphones, loudspeakers, televisions, or other amplifying equipment must be at a sound volume so it does not disrupt adjacent Exhibitors and is subject to the approval of the Show
  4. BOOTH ASSIGNMENT – The Show Committee reserves the right to limit any exhibitor to four (4) booths. The Show Committee reserves the exclusive right to alter the floor plan in the best interest of the Show. Those affected by such a decision will be contacted to discuss alternate sites and
  5. BOOTH SPACE USE – The Exhibitor shall not assign the Contract or sublet or lease or permit the whole or any part of the leased space contracted for, unless authorized by the Home & Leisure Show Committee in writing. The Exhibitor display must remain within the confines of the assigned booth dimensions (including carpeting).
  6. CHARACTER OF THE EXHIBIT – The Committee reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit or Exhibitor not approved by the Committee. This regulation covers persons, items, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs, emblems and all things which affect the character of the Each Exhibitor will be provided with a basic booth space. We strongly recommend exhibitors put a rug down on the ice surface for added foot comfort. THE SHOW DOES NOT PROVIDE TABLES, CHAIRS, FLOOR MATS, FLOOR COVERINGS OR ELECTRICAL CORDS. These are solely the Exhibitor’s responsibilities. These items may be rented from Best Way Rentals: (800) 890-7559 or (807) 548-4131.
  7. CLEAN UP OF EXHIBIT – It is the Exhibitor’s individual responsibility to always keep their booth space Those with carpets are encouraged to vacuum their display area after the close of the Show each day. Clean-up of the booth area is also the responsibility of the Exhibitor after removal of the display. All Exhibits must be removed no sooner than 3:00pm and no later than 9:00pm on Sunday, April 21st, 2024. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  1. DEPOSITS AND CANCELLATIONS – Submission of Contract must be accompanied with full payment. There will be NO REFUNDS unless event cancelled by organizers. All cheques must be made payable to the KENORA & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF Credit card payments are also accepted.
  2. DOOR PRIZE – Each Exhibitor is encouraged to have a draw prize in their booth to attract It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to draw the name of the winner, contact that person to arrange for delivery of the prize. Out-of-town Exhibitors may leave their prize(s) for pick up at the Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce office but remain responsible for contacting the winner(s).
  3. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS – A fee of $50.00 will be charged for each 15 amp, 110-volt power source. Power will only be available if indicated in the Extension cords may be required and are NOT supplied by the Show. Extension cords must be in good working condition (absolutely no tape on them) and CSA approved. Additional power needs must be arranged prior to the Show at the Exhibitor’s own expense.
  4. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THE CONTRACT – Failure to abide by the Terms of the Contract or this set of Regulations may result in the removal of the Exhibitor and his/her In the event of such removal, any money paid by the Exhibitor to the Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce for the leased booth space(s) shall be retained by the Home & Leisure Show Committee as liquidated damages for such a breach. The Home & Leisure Show Committee reserves the right to re-let such space(s) in the event of such a breach.
  5. FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS – Any on-site preparation of food or refreshments must be authorized by the Home Show Committee prior to the Show. Any sales of food or beverages to be consumed immediately must be approved and authorized by the Home Show Committee prior to the Food vendors may be subject to an additional food vendor surcharge.
  6. INSTALLATION OF EXHIBITS – Exhibitor set up will be scheduled for Thursday as assigned by the Show Display changes and touch-ups may only be done before the show opens each day and must be completed no later than 30 minutes prior to opening.
  7. INSURANCE – Exhibitors are required to carry their own public liability damage insurance and must insure their own goods. Proof of this insurance is required. The Home & Leisure Show Committee, and their representatives will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor or the
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    Exhibitor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever, prior to, during or after the period covered by the Contract, and the Exhibitor shall indemnify the Home & Leisure Show Committee, their agents and employees for all liability resulting from the Exhibitor’s acts or omissions. The venue will remain locked at closing time of each show day for general protection of the building and property. The venue is not re-opened until a member of the Committee is on-site. This in no way implies individual protection of exhibit contents, products, etc.
    14.5. Artisan/Home Businesses – If you do not carry liability insurance you are required to sign a separate waiver of liability.

15.     LICENSES AND PERMITS – Any license and permits required to display or sell the Exhibitor’s products by any Federal, Provincial, Municipal, or other authority are the sole responsibility of the individual Exhibitor and shall be obtained at his/her expense and displayed, if necessary, or held in the exhibit area throughout the duration of the Show. Contact the City of Kenora at (807) 467-2000 for further information.

  1. REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS Exhibitors are not to remove any part of their display prior to the 2 pm close of the Show Sunday, April 21st .
  2. Exhibitors who leave early may not be considered for future This will be at the discretion of the Show Committee. All Exhibits must be removed by 9:00pm on Sunday, April 21st, 2024. There will be no exceptions.
  1. REMOVAL OF GOODS – The intent of this Show is to always provide a full display of goods and materials to the viewing public. Small items may be sold and/or removed from the display only if that item can be replaced in the display LARGE ITEMS MAY BE SOLD BUT NOT REMOVED AND MUST BE ARRANGED TO BE PICKED UP AT THE END OF SHOW.
  2. TRADE SHOW STAFFING – Exhibits must have personnel at their booth(s) for the entire duration of the When signing in, you will receive name badges. Each person working in the booth must always wear a name badge. BOOTHS MUST BE MANNED AT ALL TIMES! Exhibitors are not allowed back into the Show once it has closed for the day.
  3. ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE USE – The Exhibitor agrees that the consumption, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited within the tradeshow premises, including the vendor’s booth and common areas. Furthermore, during the tradeshow hours, vendor representatives shall not be under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances, or impairing substances unless prescription medication. Violation of this rule may result in immediate eviction from the event, forfeiture of booth fees, and potential prohibition from future events organized by the KDCC. Vendors are responsible for any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from their violation of the Alcohol and Substance Use rule, and by participating in the tradeshow, they expressly agree to abide by these terms.


ON SUNDAY, April 21st, 2024**