Atlantic Industries Ltd.

Atlantic Industries Ltd.

AIL was awarded the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation for 2019 — one of the country’s leading business award programs recognizing Canadian-owned-and-managed companies for their innovative, world-class business practices.

AIL offers a broad range of efficient solutions for the transportation, public works, railway, urban, mining and energy, forestry, northern, and development sectors.

Our products can be divided into six categories:

Build in success with AIL

Whatever the sector, application or product, an AIL infrastructure solution has the value, experience, innovation, sustainability and support that will ensure your project’s success.

Build in value
By design, our custom infrastructure solutions are easy to ship and install with minimal equipment and labour requirements, making them ideal even for remote locations.

Build in experience
With over 50 years of experience on some of North America’s largest civil engineering projects, AIL is an accomplished partner in project consortiums and private/public partnerships.

Build in innovation
Committed to product research and development, AIL is an award-winning Canadian innovation leader with engineered solutions that are endorsed by engineers around the world.

Build in sustainability
Our environmentally-friendly solutions have limited site impact and virtually no maintenance requirements. Most use high quality recycled and recyclable steel or aluminum.

Build in support
AIL is a proven project partner ready to help you with full design/engineering support and dependable field service. Plus, as a member of  The AIL Group of Companies, we bring a world of resources and expertise to our projects.

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