New and Improved NOHFC Programs!


NEW and Improved NOHFC Programs!
Community Enhancement ProgramThe Community Enhancement Program is designed to help build strong and resilient Northern communities through infrastructure investments, to upgrade/repair existing assets to improve community quality of life, economic development infrastructure, and strategic economic development initiatives.
Program StreamsEnhance Your Community ProgramRural Enhancement Funding StreamBroadband and Cellular Expansion Projects
Cultural Supports ProgramThe Cultural Supports Program is designed to help showcase Northern Ontario culture, geography, and talent through event partnerships and the production of films and television series.
Program StreamsCommunity Events StreamFilm & Television Stream
INVEST North ProgramThe Invest North Program is designed to boost economic growth in Northern Ontario by encouraging businesses to invest in transformative, strategic and complementary business development opportunities in Northern communities. The program will support productivity, innovation, business competitiveness, revenue growth, export capacity development, job creation and retention.
Program StreamsInnovation StreamInnovation – Industrial Research ChairInvestment – Launch StreamInvestment – Grow StreamInvestment – Locate StreamRegional Tile Drainage
People & Talent ProgramThe People & Talent Program is designed to attract, retain and develop Northern Ontario’s workforce.
Program StreamsIndigenous Workforce Development StreamWorkforce Development Stream
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