Joe Goldman
Business Description:
Central Tech is Kenora’s one stop shop for desktop/laptop computer repairs, cell phone repairs and iPad/iPod and android tablet repairs.
Josh Normand at
Business Description:
I guess it is time for an introduction…
My name is Josh, and I am the owner of Normand Appliance Repair. I have been in the appliance repair field for 14 years, 7 of those years owning All-Star Appliance in Winnipeg.
I moved to Kenora in 2019 but still love Winnipeg, especially my Jets! Admittedly, it is pretty hard for the city to compete with the fishing, hunting, camping and paddling you can do so close to home. That is how I spend most of my off-hours.
I have a son and we are adding a little girl to the mix in just a few short weeks! We also have a Dog, Buck, (thanks to A Dogs Life Fostering Network Kenora Ontario!) and a cat, Jose (you pronounce the hard J lol) who did not want to be outside for the family photo.
Although we have only been in business full time since October, Kenora has been amazing to us! Kenora’s backing of their local businesses is really incredible and we appreciate all the support we have gotten from friends, clients and organizations like with Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce and the Northwest Business Centre.
We are actually a small business family as my partner is the owner of Green and Gone Pest Solutions. She has been in business almost 5 years so her experiences have been really helpful in getting my business rolling in Kenora. I pay her back with my ladder-holder abilities and also doing a LOT of work removing appliances for her rodent exclusion jobs.
Thanks again for all the support so far and I look forward to providing the best appliance repair service possible to our region.