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Northern Waste and Hauling

Northern Waste and Hauling offers roll-off container services to help with residential, commercial and industrial clean-up projects. Northern Waste and Hauling offers two sizes of roll-off containers; 20 yard (8’w x 20’l x 4’h) and 40 yard (8’w x 20’l x 8’h). Both sizes of bins have doors on the back to open and close – allowing you to walk larger items inside. Bins are a great time saver for a variety of projects from residential yard clean-ups to commercial garbage removal. By using a roll-off container you save time and money by eliminating the travel and wait times by disposing on your own. By using Northern Waste and Hauling you also have peace of mind knowing that your waste is being disposed of at a proper location and that all recyclable materials are handled appropriately.
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Prairie Ocean Technologies

We are a unique supplier to the world of Monitoring water. Looking closely at Hydrocarbon detection, Operational Oceanography, and Environmental Monitoring. Our Instruments mainly measure a wide range of parameters through the Excitation and Emission of specified wave lengths. Whether it be estimates in Gross Primary Productivity in phytoplankton, Chlorophyll-a, Hydrocarbons, BTEX, Tryptophan, CDOM, Florescent dyes, Rhodamine, or Turbidity. And lastly, mechanical Wipers to keep the Optical lenses free of Debris. This has opened up many new business sectors that need monitoring. We provide complete Real-Time systems that can alert the user and are already currently implemented by Waste Water Management Industry and State Utility Companies. Such systems include BOD Indicators, Bacteria & Algal Detection. Also a turn key Wash Water Monitor for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems and a Ballast Water Treatment Management System for real-time monitoring of ballast water discharges in accordance with IMO and USCG regulations.
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Raysolar Inc.

Raysolar is a distributor, service integrator and manufacturer of renewable energy technologies. Founder and Power Engineer, Ray Pambrun, brings his 15 years of electrical and mechanical experience, as well as his passion for green solutions to Northwestern Ontario. Working for The ELA (The Experimental Lakes Area) and living in Kenora, Ontario, Ray saw the need for greater renewable energy application technologies, quality product awareness and services in the northwest market where energy costs were at a premium. He took this opportunity to educate Electrical Contractors, Building Developers, First Nations Communities, and Property Owners’ the process to incorporate these technologies. Raysolar was established in 2009. Since we have completed projects spanning every segment of the industry in grid tied, off grid, co-generation, lighting, and solar heating solutions. Solar Installers, Electrical Contractors, Building Developers, Telecom, and Property Owners have come to trust our products, expertise and solutions because we make it easy and they work. We represent the leading industry brands to ensure the best system components and performance. The company has grown its distribution, services and solutions across Canada with a diverse team committed to its core values: People, Service and Products.
Site 230, Comp 10, R.R. #2, 1870 Highway 17 East, Kenora, ON P9N 3W8
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Founded in 1900, Weyerhaeuser is today one of the world’s largest forest products companies. We employ thousands of people in businesses that grow, harvest and sell trees and make a range of forest products essential to everyday lives. Our value chain is simple. We start by planting trees, lots of them. We manage our forests sustainably, over many decades, and help others manage their lands equally well. Once harvested, our trees and other wood fiber are made into useful products for society, and we sell our trees to other manufacturing companies that do the same. We are proud managers of a remarkable, renewable resource that, when managed well, can provide jobs, products, recreation and environmental benefits for many generations to come.
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