FREE – Small Business Rapid Test Kits

The Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Ontario and Federal governments, have launched the Covid-19 Rapid Screening Initiative.

What you need to know:

  • These kits are free and only available to businesses with under 150 employees. Businesses do not have to be KDCC members to receive kits. Kits are only to be used for workplace screening of employees and must not be used for client testing or distribution.
  • Each company must assign a Screening Supervisor Designate(s), who will be the contact person.
  • If you have multiple businesses, please fill out one order form per business.

How to Administer a Rapid Test

Data suggests the performance of RATs may not be as good at detecting Omicron compared to previous variants, but swabbing the inside of the cheek and the back of the tongue or throat, as well as the nose, increases the sensitivity of rapid tests in detecting Omicron. Do not eat or drink 30 minutes prior to performing the test.

How do we dispose of the testing waste?

The screen pad and vial (with the swab and buffering agent in) are considered hazardous waste. Some businesses may have the ability to dispose of this material safely. If not, then the Chamber has a disposal bin to appropriately dispose of this waste that can be accessed when refilling your order.
Place used screen pads and vials in a separate waste bag (ie: small garbage bag or large Ziploc bag) marked as biowaste – bag must be securely closed (zipped or tied) prior to delivery to Chamber pick up site for disposal.  Read the Ontario Government’s Safe Handling Information here.

Positive Test Results

Due to the Omicron variant’s high rate of spread, positive results from rapid antigen tests should be treated as confirmed cases of COVID-19 and do not need to be verified by a PCR test. If you receive a positive result, you and your household must isolate. To find out how long you should isolate, visit what to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

Use of RATs for Asymptomatic Screening

How often should individuals be tested? 3 or more times per week. (Previous recommendation: 2-3 per week.)

Where can tests be performed? Testing may be conducted at the workplace or at home prior to travel to the workplace.

Who can be tested?

  • Employees, regular contractors, regular volunteers, and regular visitors of local businesses and community organizations.
  • Owners of home-based businesses, including household members and others consistently in the space used for business.
  • Employees and students of private career colleges (post-secondary) are required to be on campus.
  • The staff of private schools (K-12 schools).

Are vaccinated individuals eligible for asymptomatic screening? Asymptomatic screening can be implemented on a voluntary basis for all eligible individuals, regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccinated individuals are eligible for asymptomatic screening.  A positive RAT should be considered a confirmation of COVID, regardless of vaccination status.

When can asymptomatic testing resume after recovering from COVID?  An individual with a confirmed COVID-19 on a RAT (or PCR test) may resume asymptomatic screening 30 days after a COVID-19 infection.

Each Company Must:

  1. assign a Screening Supervisor Designate(s), who will be the contact person for the KDCC.
  2.   Complete the Program Agreement here
  3.   View Training Video here
  4.   Order Test Kits here

Test results NO LONGER need to be reported!

Reorder Test Kits here

For more information, please contact the KDCC office at  (807) 464-6130