2022 Home and Leisure Show – April 29, 30, May 01

KDCC’s Home and Leisure Show will take place April 29, 30, May 01, 2022, at the Kenora Recreation Centre. On average over 2,000 potential buyers attend this event and we fully intend to meet or exceed these numbers in 2022! The thousands that visit our Annual Home and Leisure Show are seeking advice, ideas, and look forward to seeing the exciting new array of home and leisure products available today! History shows that almost 80% of visitors purchase or plan to purchase as a result of attending the Kenora Home and Leisure Shows!

Exhibitors Package here.  Includes pricing, set up times, rules and regulations, etc.

Registration Form here

Floor Plan and available booths here.  The floor plan will be updated Tuesdays and Fridays.

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